for enterprise & OTTs

Application-to-Person (A2P) SMS can stimulate consumer interest or simply help you collect consumer information. It can easily be integrated with your marketing campaign and business communication.

What we do

Global reach of SMS from your web and mobile SMS API (Application Programming Interface). Just use this one connection to access our A2P SMS messaging platform. You can connect via HTTP or SMPP. We will provide the access to start-up guides, code sample and libraries for your Developers to provide that simple and quick integration.

Real-time routing

We ensure that we match your messaging needs with the right route to deliver to the handset at optimal cost.

Global coverage

We are constantly adding delivery partners to get access to mobile subscribers anywhere in the world through a single connection.

Intelligent analytics

We provide you all necessary tools to check the volumes, costs and destiantions as well as delivery notifications and rich error codes, so you can measure quality of delivery & performance.

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