SMS Fraud Detection

Automatic detection and real-time notification of any kind of fraud attack

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The fraudulent practice of avoiding termination fees by bypassing A2P messages via alternative "grey" routes has a negative impact on the operators’ revenues. An example includes a situation where A2P traffic is intentionally mixed with P2P traffic to avoid A2P charges. DOTT Telecom OU prevents carriers from grey routes thereby delivering positive income to customers.

Identifies fraudulent routing on your network

P2P terminated on A2P

SMS Faking

International and Domestic traffic

Multi-signaling carrier's availability

SS7 and SMPP

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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between P2P and A2P SMS?

P2P SMS (person-to-person messaging) is a two-way messaging conversation between two individuals. In simple terms, it’s an exchange of text messages between two mobile phones. In most countries, some application-mediated communications may also refer to P2P messaging. Examples include exchanging texts between a customer and a support manager or between a customer and a delivery driver.

Mobile Phone


Mobile Phone

A2P SMS (application-to-person messaging) is traffic-based. Here, a person receives a text message generated by the application. This type of traffic includes notifications from banks, critical alerts, verification codes and marketing messages.

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SMS Gateway

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User recives SMS

What are the advantages of using the SMS A2P?

There are about 6 billion active SMS users around the world. Consequently, SMS advertising grants you access to a huge market. Also, numerous marketing researches have concluded that texting is much cheaper than other advertising methods.

The challenge often faced by professionals and business owners in the past is the inability to achieve maximum user coverage within a short period. Leveraging 6 years of experience in the marketplace, DOTT delivers a resilient and reliable solution that perfectly addresses this challenge.

In what situation should I use the SMS A2P?

If you are an enterprise that cares about the constant growth of clients without losing their regulars, the most common mailing order include:

Activities to be undertaken soon;

Banking and insurance institutions provide important information;

Travel agencies provide a reminder about departure date, change of departure and possible tours on fire;

Cinemas and theatres inform clients about repertoire, tickets and various creative evenings;

Online shops and chains of shops send notices about sales and new arrivals.

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